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Meet BRC Crew Member:  Lori Chapin, LMT

Meet BRC Crew Member: Lori Chapin, LMT

Lori, graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage in 2003. With 18 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist she has also served as an instructor at The Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage. She has a background in Integrative Reflexology with a specialty in the John F. Burns Myofascial Release techniques. 

Taking appointments for Myofascial Release sessions.  

  • 09/10/2022 (12p-5p) 
  • 09/12/22 (5p-8p) 
  • 10/01/22 & 10/29/22 (12p-5p) 
  • 11/16/2022 (5p-8p) 
  • 11/19/22 (12p-5p) 
  • 12/03/22 & 12/10/22 & 12/17/2022 (12p-5p) 

30 mins/ $45 and 60 mins/ $75 

Myofascial Release (MFR) offers a real, lasting solution to people with back, neck and spinal injuries, headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and neurological situations such as cerebral palsy and head injuries who have exhausted traditional health care options. The fascial system is a 3-dimensional, thick connective tissue that surrounds every structure in the body - muscles, bones, nerves, blood vessels, organs and cell - so it is a whole-body system. 

When we become injured, whether physically or emotionally, the fascia becomes restricted. The potential strength of the restricted fascia is about 2000 pounds per square inch which places extreme pressure on muscles which produces pain, spasm and lack of motion. MFR is a hands-on technique that uses slow, sustained pressure without sliding on the skin. It is very different from traditional massage It enables me to release the fascial restrictions. When you have 
fascial restrictions, it feels like you have on a straitjacket. Exercise doesn't overcome it, nor does massage or medicine. Traditional health care's focus has been to help us learn to cope with the "tightness of the straitjacket". When the pressure is off the straitjacket, your body begins to heal. Until then, your mind/body is in a fight-or-flight response and that's why you have trouble turning off the constant, internal chatter in your head. 
Myofascial Release affects every aspect of you - emotional, physical, structural and spiritual. The fascial system contains memory and energy. When it becomes restricted, the Consciousness or energy cannot flow through. Spiritual awakenings happen many times along with the physical healing. Every trauma that we have ever had is embedded in the fascia. As the restrictions are released,  a natural healing motion called myofascial unwinding occurs where the body begins to move spontaneously. All the awareness, sensations, emotions and physiological responses that occurred at the moment of the trauma are unlocked in the subconscious, and in a state of disassociation, it flows through to the unconscious mind. This is 
where true healing occurs on all levels - body, mind and spirit. 

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