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Book of Shadows Sacred Text Spell Pillar Candle


We have run out of stock for this item.

Book of Shadows Spell Candles are 2" x 6" (8 oz.) and designed for boosting the power of your sacred texts. Writing in your Spell Book is extremely important in your spiritual journey if you follow a witch's path. Use this candle to inspire the power of your words and thoughts recorded in this most sacred of books or while creating magical art. Scented with Dragon's Blood, Rose, Leather, Tobacco, Amber, and Myrrh. Candles come wrapped in bubble wrap with a tag containing the front label picture, casting spell & progression tips, and candle care instructions. Tags have a hole in the top to hang on wick for display if you choose. Black box upgrade has candle wrapped with purple tissue in a black, gloss box stuffed with black shred. Candle care instructions on back. Has spell scroll inside box. Materials: Coconut ParaSoy Wax Blend, Fragrance, Color, Decoration.