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Fairy Gems Deck & Book Set


Fairies have been with us forever. Spun of light and shadow, these mysterious beings are timeless nature spirits who belong to the wild and carry all their wisdom and power. They connect us to a vibrant, enchanting world where anything is possible. Gemstones, too, have always held the promise of magic. They've been used as amulets and talismans   called on to protect or heal, to grant clairvoyance and prophecy, and to travel into other realms. In this 40-card deck, the power of fairies and gems come together through the luminous paintings of Linda Raven; Scroft, and the book of oracles. Each card will bring you insight into the world of Fairy. Enter this enchanted realm to befriend the spirits of earth and sky, and to encounter the treasure of your own soul. The set includes 40 iridescent silver gilt-edged cards, an organza pouch, and a 204-page guidebook, packaged in a magnetic hinged, foil-accented box. Box measures 4.25” x 6.195”, and 40 cards measure 3” x 5”.