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Ginger essential oil


[name]: ginger massage essential oil

[ingredients]: ginger root oil

[Extraction site]: Ginger root

[Use]: foot bath, massage spa, bath, incense, etc.

[Net content]: 30mL

[size]: 2.5*2.5*6.5cm



【Plant extract and comfortable care】 Natural plant extract, the molecular structure of essential oil is very small and easy to absorb, the skin is naturally protected, and no skin damage is added.

[Hands and feet are cold and standing] Ginger essential oil is widely used. It is often used as a body massage for shampooing hair care boxes, soaking feet to warm the body and cold feet.

[Warm body relaxation] There is a kind of ginger called ginger in the ginger, which can warm the body and have the effect of relaxing and warming.



[Fool feet] Before going to bed, put about 45 degrees of warm water in a wooden bucket, drip 8-10 drops of ginger essential oil, soak your feet for about 20 minutes. Those who are chilly and difficult to sweat, it is recommended to start soaking their feet for a week. After improvement, changing to 3 times a week without soaking feet can improve cold and dampness, cold, cold hands and feet, and poor circulation.

[Abdominal pain] The menstrual period starts to massage one week earlier until the menstrual period does not hurt, take appropriate amount in the palm of your hand, massage the lower abdomen clockwise until the essential oil is absorbed; in severe cases, you can massage the lower back and the tail. Daily matching with foam feet can improve the body constitution.

[Shoulder and neck back] Take a proper amount of massage on the neck and back, massage or scrape, massage with hot compress. Drink plenty of water after massage and take a bath after 4 hours.



Do not take oral use, children, pregnant women, high blood pressure, allergies should be used with caution. Do not use on the face. Protect from light and water, store at room temperature, and keep out of reach of children. This product is not a substitute for drugs. 3

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