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Green Aventurine Crystal Mug


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The Aventurine crystal cup has the addition of a crystal which brings you a special vibe. The crystal of opportunity, Aventurine attracts wealth, prosperity and luck. It can boost confidence and bring optimism, which in turn enhances your manifestation capability. It can help you find luck in every opportunity, encouraging you to take action and always fine the best outcome. Let Mother Earth's gifts become part of your daily ritual. These beautiful wheel thrown large mugs have the triple goddess carved into the clay. These cups are hand painted with liquid gold and each are decorated with a different crystal. These mugs are hand wash only due to the delicate nature of the gold and crystal. The triple goddess is a connection to all things feminine. It’s comprised of a waxing crescent, full moon, and a waning crescent. The symbol is the maiden, mother, and crone. Each phase of the moon correlates with a phase of a woman’s life.