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The Power of Candle Magic-Spells & Rituals for an Abundance


Here is a thoughtful, accessible, hands-on guide to the increasingly popular practice of candle magic. Phillip Cooper offers techniques for training your mind and working with the energy of candles. The book shows how the magical use of candle energy can brighten your attitude, help focus your attention, create abundance, help you with healing, and draw more love into your life. “The Power of Candle Magic contains practical information that can be put to excellent use by anyone. Transcending just burning candles, Cooper presents an entire system of magic with candle burning as its centerpiece. For those new to magical practice, Cooper’s system is effective, and you may find it a good place to begin. For adepts or those already on their paths, pan for the gold within these pages: take what works for you and integrate it into your magic.” —Judika Illes The book explains: *how to choose candles for magic *basics of creating rituals *how to make and work with incense and oils & more